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Harmonising Horizons

Thriving in our wireless world


Wireless technology has been welcomed into our modern lives as a way to make things easier, quicker and more convenient. No matter where we are we're able to do most aspects of everyday life online. However, do we ever stop to consider the impact it might be having on our health?

  • Could those frequent headaches be caused by your mobile phone?

  • Have you stopped sleeping since your new smart meter was installed?

  • Does working on your computer leave you feeling exhausted?

From sources such as mobile phone masts to our own personal wireless devices, there's a growing number of peer-reviewed studies showing the negative health effects caused by the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) these technologies emit.

We haven’t evolved to be surrounded by the unnatural EMFs emanating from the technology we use on a daily basis. If we allow ourselves time to stop think about this we can start to realise just how much we're expecting our bodies to deal with when it comes to these ever-changing and constantly increasing fields.


We’re living in a time where constant exposure is the norm, and more often than not this exposure comes from both outside and inside the home meaning there's no respite from it. With more and more of us working and learning from home, it's imperative that we're living and working in an environment that's conducive to health.


Making the Invisible Visible - how I can help


Home surveys

How safe is your home?

I can measure the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your home revealing your current exposure​, and, if necessary, guide you in how to make it safer.

Whatever your concerns, I can assess your current situation and, if mitigation is necessary, give you advice on what to do next.