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What does home mean to you?

To me home means a place of protection. Somewhere I come back to after a day at work. Somewhere to shelter from life’s storms both physically and figuratively. Somewhere to recover from life's illnesses or accidents.

When we’re poorly, where do we often want to be? Tucked up in bed at home to rest and recover. So, what if I was to tell you that the space you crave to be in your most vulnerable moments may not be aiding you in recovery, physically or mentally?

EMFs are invisible and are present in every home. Unless you live off-grid without any power but even then you may still be exposed to external sources of electro-magnetic fields. We all deserve to have a home where we know we are safe.

When I was a new mum, I didn’t feel safe in the very place that should have been my sanctuary. Before I went through my training and understood more about what EMFs are and how to protect myself from them, I was left feeling scared in my own home. From the phone mast a short distance away to the Wi-Fi coming through the wall from my neighbour’s house, I didn’t know which way to turn. I felt trapped.

Through education, I was able to discover the simple steps I could take within the home to limit the exposure to this ever-increasing electropollution whilst I waited to find a healthier long-term solution: a new home.

By the time we came to house-hunting, I’d done my training and had the meters needed to uncover exposure to damaging EMFs. It was a very interesting experience as it was impossible to tell upon arriving at a property what I was going to be faced with when I turned on the meters - even when I was convinced I knew the answer. It may have taken many attempts to find the right property, but I’m so happy that I was able to check for the invisible before committing to a purchase. I can now rest my head at night knowing that our home is free from the radiation I’ve spent most of my life living in.

If you’re thinking of buying a new home, I’d highly recommend checking out the EMF levels before signing on the dotted line. If you don’t have the equipment to do it yourself I’d definitely recommend getting a professional in to help.

To find out more about what you can expect, please find a client's testimonial from a recent Pre-purchase Survey.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

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