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Lisette, Ceredigion

Kristy came to do a an EMF survey on my home today. She was extremely professional, and carried out the thorough survey very sensitively. She explained the various meters and what they measured very clearly, and interpreted the readings for me. She left some very informative literature, and also gave me several different options for improving the EMF environment in my home, which would benefit my health. I would highly recommend her.


Dr Janet Menage M.A. M.B. Ch.B., General Medical Practitioner (retired), Wales

It was a pleasure to welcome Kristy into my home in order to carry out an EMF assessment.

Despite the fact that I had already modified my environment in order to reduce my exposure to electric fields and radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, her calm and professional approach efficiently identified additional areas where improvements could be made.

Kristy’s recommendations for the further investigation of the science involved and possible purchase of equipment to create a more healthy living space are much appreciated.



In buying a house we are familiar with valuations, surveyors reports and structural surveys. Yet it is important too to give some focus to the day-to-day environmental aspects of the place, for example air quality and noise pollution. An EMF survey is also desirable, from the point of view of long-term well-being, not to mention actual human flourishing. I commissioned such a survey from Kristy Guest of Harmonising Horizons to see if I would proceed with a deal or just walk away.


In the report itself (also provided as a hard copy) there was a useful background piece on EMFs, summarising their importance and pointing to the biological safety limits. Then she turned to the property in question. What followed was thorough and methodical, and striking a balance between clarity and detail. Not surprisingly a professional picked up on things I was not really thinking of, despite me being relatively up on the subject.

Key Radio Frequency and Extremely Low Frequency readings were taken, but additional issues appeared – a significant ‘dirty electricity’ problem, stray current coming into the property, wireless radiation ingress from a passing vehicle, and, most unexpected of all (to me), the presence of a radar signal, even inside the house. Nearby wind turbines and an LED street light were noted.


Of course acquiring a house is more or less one big compromise, and there are measures you can take to lessen the level of electropollution. However, these need to be weighed against practicality and expense. I was now in a position to make an informed choice, and in fact judged the place to be too uphill a project, given my circumstances. Also I did not want to start of with a fortress mentality in what was supposed to be my home.


Eminently reasonable in terms of price, Kristy’s survey has indeed been money well spent.


Guy Wood - Pre-purchase Inspection


Kristy was extremely knowledgeable, patient and thorough with her searches. She explained everything in a way I could understand, and did all the checks in a professional manner. Due to Kristy's tests, I found out my home was an unsafe environment and her caring manner and expertise encouraged me to make the huge decision to move house. Kristy was so friendly and reassuring and I feel so lucky that she was able to come and test my home and help me and my family. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a thorough check done in their home. 

Rebecca, Nottingham

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